I don't know why ghosts Are so troublesome at times, They seem to get their fun from Making dogs howl and whine. To scare the pants off people And to make them run with fright, Oh why, oh why do ghosts Go into a frenzy of a night?
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Gorilla in the Kitchen
I don’t know why she’s done it, She normally is quite sane, Mum said she bought a new gorilla, It really is a pain.
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Grandma’s False Teeth
Grandma Strong from Kurrajong Wore a set of false teeth, Each night she'd take them out To give her mouth relief.
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Griffins Goat
Griffin’s goat on a cargo boat Suddenly got loose, Sailors flew in all directions As they tried to catch him with a noose.
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Growing Up
I have a pup called Sheeba And Muttley is her mate, And when it comes to dinner time My pups are never late.  
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How the Goanna got it's name
How the Goanna got it’s name
The animals had gathered At the outback fair, They were going to have a race, The echidnas were there.
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