It came and hovered over me, So shiny, large and round, A humming sound, a beam of light It took me off the ground.
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The witch’s broom Went vroom vroom As she rode across the sky, Her pointed hat And robes of black Played shadows on the high.
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“Sss,” went the snake As he slithered from a log, Uup went my hair As I broke into a jog
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The Alligator
One day I saw an alligator, He said, “May I take a bite? Your fingers look real juicy And your legs will fill my appetite.”
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The Boa was a Goer
I was on safari in the jungle with my mate called Wrong-way Jack, After being lost for several days we decided to turn back, As we journeyed 'long a jungle path Wrong-way Jack let out a gasp,
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The Hearing Aid
Old Harry Williams was quite deaf He found his TV hard to hear, So he bought a brand new hearing-aid And put it in his ear.
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